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Hello and happy end of summer!

We are kicking off the new season with some exciting news. Our office will soon be expanding with a Hudson Valley location! Now you will be able to get your colon cleansed in upstate New York while enjoying the leaf peeping and apple picking as soon as this fall. Keep and eye out for updates on upcoming juice fasting and various wellness retreats we will be hosting in our Kerhonkson location as well. 🥳💩🍁

In other news, if haven’t met our newer colon hydro-therapists here at Colon Therapy NYC, we are very excited to introduce Gail and Gaya to our team. They are both incredibly skilled and knowledgeable and will get your colon and mind reset in no time. If you haven’t had the privilege of working with them yet, you’re in for a treat.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with my new favorite IG recommendation for inspiring, easy, inexpensive, and delicious recipes @plantyou. I whipped up her cabbage steaks last night and my digestive system is thanking my today! She takes plant-based kitchen scraps and makes magic. Enjoy!

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COVID-19: How CBD-infused can help you right now

How CBD-infused can help you right now

COVID-19: How CBD-infused can help you right now

With the COVID-19 global pandemic affecting every corner of our planet, all of us are desperately looking for ways to achieve at least some air of normalcy during these uncertain times. Luckily for us, the combination of cleansing and healing the colon with nature’s CBD may be able to do just that.

CBD is used to improve anxiety, mood, and achieving overall homeostasis, something we collectively need more than ever. The coronavirus is putting extreme stress and discomfort on all of us, throwing our futures completely up in the air. For those of us who already suffer from anxiety, this has been killer. This also takes an incredible toll on our gut health. You may be feeling more or even different digestive discomfort than you typically do, and that’s totally understandable. Your colon is the key to your relief. The vicious cycle of the gut-brain connection has stress and anxiety creating digestive dis-ease and vice versa.

Managing coronavirus anxiety and it’s effects on the gut. Infusing CBD into the colon amidst a thorough cleansing from the colonic itself is an effective and way to reduce stress and anxiety while balancing the health of your immune system. The CBD taps into your parasympathetic nervous system and allows for an instant and lasting calming effect. The emotional and physical toll from ongoing anxiety has a deep negative effect on the health and functioning of your gut.

About 70-80% of our immune system is housed in the colon. To create the healthiest possible environment for the immune system, the colon needs to be cared for. Clearing out waste and gas, and calming the colon and nervous system with an infusion of CBD provides a healing response that can be experienced immediately.

Following CBD-infused colonic treatments, our clients report feeling prolonged relaxation, improved sleep, and drastically improved digestion; all of which improve immunity and quality of life. Our clients swear by CBD-infused colonics as their life-line during these trying times.


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Mind-Body Connection

Mind-body connection

An amazing and generous contribution from E! Thanks for sharing your most personal inner world! I learn so much from every personal story:

Let me try and contextualize it for you.

My mind often times feels as though I don’t know which way is up. For so long it has been a constant state of panic that truly the smallest thing would make me lose track of my thoughts and myself. I would forget where i just put things down, wouldn’t be able to concentrate on a task no matter how badly i wanted to, and eventually tried everything to simply not even engage with thoughts because they always concluded with a critical view point on myself.

But while all this was happening the only feeling i could ever express was, “ i feel bloated.”

I felt my depression in my gut. and sometimes i have days when i still do. it’s taken a lot of hard work to sift through what’s an actual physical feeling I’m having, and what is a destructive thought that i am having and how can i reconstruct it. guys, the mind gut connection is REAL. and it can work against you, but we are here to make it work for you.

some things that help me:

  1. express yourself. your shit, and i literally mean your SHIT, is not trivial. it’s not gross, its not unworthy of your attention, it shouldn’t be ignored, and its a primal function of your body that you indeed have a right to. if your unpleasant with your experience of how your bodily self cleanses, that is worth exploring for yourself. i also hope that maybe this information will help some people learn that your physical sensations in your gut can be heavily tired to your emotions. voice them, keep track of them, treat them with care and concern. don’t ignore it. i spent every night my sophomore year of college in pain sitting in the library i was so bloated RUMINATING over the salad i ate. and guess what. it had nothing to do with the salad. it was a physical experience of a very aggressive anxiety/depression cycle that was not being treated. i would never wish this on anyone so please for the love of god express yourself!! everyone is entitled to feelings about their shit and if you’re reading this post, its probably in your best interest to express it. we won’t judge.

  2. alkaline morning and calming night. ok this was is a biggie for me. get to know your bodily patterns. both mental and physical. what time of day do you like to go to the bathroom? right when you wake up? right before bed? after a big cup of coffee? you have no idea it just happens (or doesn’t)? notice it! for me, starting my day with celery juice has been a life changer. i know this sounds absolutely ridiculous and i have a doctor for an older sister and would never tell her i believe in this ritual, but it helps me a lot. i feel much more energized, hydrated, and awake after a glass of celery juice than any tea or kombucha or what have you. it not only signals to my body that, “Hi i love you lets wake up now.”, it also signals to my mind that i don’t need to GO GO GO with the caffeine and get shit done, i need to have a second and be with myself before i decide what’s for breakfast, or run to the train, or the gym or whatever i need to do that morning. at night, i oftentimes have a hard time winding down. even tried sleeping pills, and honestly the best thing for me was tea. now sometimes, lets be real, it doesn’t always happen that i get my whole lovely self care night time ritual with candles and chamomile and a fucking lavender bath. sometimes I’m out drinking, or with friends, or honestly in such a terrible head space that even bathing seems to hard. the great thing about tea is that 1. it helps with hangovers, 2. you can take it ANYWHERE, and 3. its one easy thing to do to release tension in your body, calm you body down, and at least make you pretend that sleep will come and be the best thing ever.

  3. essential oil. being bloated is not fun. don’t look in the mirror. don’t shame yourself for having extra gas in your belly, because it will not make it go away. your body will do its job and regulate and only acceptance will make this experience less awful. when it does happen, i feel a lot better knowing that i can lie down with some lavender oil in my hand and run my belly. it helps move the gas down, calm the body, and makes you feel like you are taking action.

  4. charcoal. ok i may have an addiction to dirty lemon but ill be the first to admit its absolutely ridiculous and you can make this cognition yourself if you have experienced the wonderful effects of a little charcoal in your belly. now, don’t over do it. charcoal does bind to toxins and gas in the body and help it get out, but it can also reduce the effectiveness of medication and get rid of the good stuff you have in your intestine lining as well. look at the instructions and use the suggested amount and only do it when you feel bloated. charcoal from coconuts are the best I’ve experienced and also the easiest to come by. its lovely mixed with some lemon juice and perhaps maple syrup if you’re extra fancy. you can even put some vodka in there if your trying to be super paradoxical.

  5. colonics. there is an excellent goop article on this subject, but i can say from personal experience that waling out of your colonic appointment knowing you have just taken the biggest shit of your life is truly a phenomenal feeling. at one point i was eating so many raw veggies that there was just no way my body could break down and expel all that green stuff on its own. colonics helped me become motivated to eat in a more balanced way to help myself do that on its own. its also important to take a colon supporting probiotic after an appointment since ya just got rid of all your gut bacteria. 

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Halloween Spookies


Happy almost holidays! We’re finally creeping into fall and the holidays are around the corner, Starting with Halloween. I’m already starting to see spooky decorations all over Chelsea brownstones and apartment lobbies!

So many of our clients -even people who generally try to eat a really healthy and balanced diet- are a total sucker for candy. Obviously candy is typically loaded with sugar, chemicals, preserves, coloring, and anything and everything else you’d have to be a scientist to try to understand.

What’s really important to you and your well-being going into this season? What does your perfect season look like for your mind and body? If you could picture your perfect scenarios, what would that look like?

Chowing down on candy in your office or kid’s stash at home won’t leave you feeling your best. We all know that the mass candy collection slowly dwindles until Thanksgiving arrives to welcome the next chapter of regrets. Next thing you know, you’re looking forward to an entire season of digestive pain and weight gain to remind you of what you wish you hadn’t been up to.

Don’t let this year look like your past. That’s an old, tired story. Start this one with a clean slate! I always find with myself and my clients that jump starting with a colonic (before things get really bad) keeps you on your game. You feel light and clean and ready to keep it that way! Pack some organic dark chocolate for the office in case you find the candy jar a little too tempting. Dive into your own stash of fresh fruit, juicy dates, raw desserts, sweet potatoes and squashes, and dark chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth. And hey! Maybe it’ll inspire your friends and fam to feel supported and motivated to do the same. It never hurts to have a buddy on this journey with you to hold each other accountable and cheer each other on.

Lately, my husband and I have been making juices and smoothies together most mornings and stewing coconut veggie curries most nights. I love to whip up some raw fudgy dessert by throwing dates, cacao, almond butter, shredded coconut and sea salt in the food processor or blender.

Make a plan for yourself and stick to it. You deserve it! Get your butt in for a colonic and then off to the store to create your perfect Halloween survival kit!

Colonic Hydrotherapy

The truth about colonic hydrotherapy. Is it helpful or harmful?

The truth about colonic hydrotherapy. Is it helpful or harmful?

With our gravity-centered colonics the results are dramatic, but the process is not traumatic. Gravity-centered colonics allow for the simultaneous intake and exit of water throughout the treatment. This prevents water retention and discomfort, especially for those with weak intestinal tracts. The simultaneous exit of water guarantees an effective, calm, and healing experience. Most people’s reluctance to colonic comes from the fear of large quantities of water entering the body.

Gravity-centered colonics (based on the Woods Gravity Method) create a release that is always twice as strong as the intake. Pay attention to your body during the process and you’ll realize you’re much more aware of what’s leaving than what’s entering. Our therapists are “present” throughout the entire process, utilizing abdominal and energy-transfer type massage during the treatment. The importance of a transitional diet to cleanse the body properly is strongly emphasized. Generally, treatments last from 45 minutes to one hour. Please call to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.