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Coffee Colonic

Coffee enemas have been used for as far back to 1500BC. It’s clear from ancient Egyptian medical texts that they were commonly used and believed to detoxify the liver. This type of cleansing is excellent for stimulating the liver to dump bile by absorption of coffee into the haemorrhoidal veins. When introduced into the colon, coffee is absorbed into the bloodstream and carried into the liver, promoting a beneficial increase in the production of glutathione, which is an antioxidant enzyme that plays a major role in driving toxins from the body.

Why Coffee + Chlorophyll Colonic?

Coffee colonics are known for increasing your immunity, boosting energy, and relieving constipation.They are also touted for the removal of parasites, heavy metals, and yeast. These are especially beneficial for people with autoimmune disease, cancer, and depression.

The addition of chlorophyll to your Colon Hydrotherapy treatment is useful for PH balancing, healing and cleansing the internal organs, and detoxifying the colon walls. Chlorophyll binds tightly to toxins. Once the coffee stimulates your gallbladder to contract and release toxin-laden bile into the small intestine, the chlorophyll binds to the toxins tightly enough to prevent the reabsorption through the intestinal wall.

Service Price: $235


Detoxification of the liver is only beneficial if the toxins have somewhere to go. Our liver is doing the most work and has the least access to the outside world. We can support the liver all we want, but it’s only doing the cleaning and can’t actually take out the trash.

It’s also important to support the gallbladder because that’s how the liver “takes out the trash”. The coffee enema can actually stimulate the biliary ducts, causing them to open and release toxins to the intestinal tract for excretion. Essentially allowing the enema to “take out the trash”. Coffee enemas can be pretty messy. It might be a good idea to leave it to professionals (at first) until you get the gist. You’ll want to retain the coffee in your colon for 15 mins (if possible). Don’t be surprised if you find it to be a challenge beyond 2-3 minutes (which is perfectly normal).

This is because you may be pretty backed up and there’s not enough space to hold the liquid. Coffee enemas are great for stimulating liver detox but are not very effective in cleaning out the bowels. Prior to a coffee enema, it’s recommended to do a colonic to ensure the coffee portion is worth your while.

At Colon Therapy NYC, we got your back. We offer coffee colonics to cleanse your bowel with the water portion of the colon therapy, in addition to stimulating your liver by finishing with the coffee portion. Use the form below to request an appointment.

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants that is instrumental in photosynthesis and instrumental in promoting good health. It enables plants to take nutrition from the air, sun and water. Because of it’s healing qualities, it is referred to as the “wonder drug”.

Chlorophyll contains antioxidants and antimutagenic properties that fight free radicals throughout the body and may even lower your risk of cancer.

In addition to being nutritionally fabulous for you, chlorophyll is a detoxifier that promotes energy and weight loss. Chlorophyll binds with environmental pollutants including toxic metals, pollution, and certain carcinogens, and promotes cleansing, which in turn gives us more energy, mental clarity, and the potential for weight loss.

Benefits of Chlorophyll:

Cleanses the Intestines

Fights Candida

Stimulates the Immune System

Detoxifies the Blood and Helps Bring Oxygen to Red Blood Cells

Gets Rid of Bad Odors

Energizes the Body

Reduces Inflammation


Improves Digestion and Assists in Weight Control
Packed with Nutrients and Vitamins

Improves Liver Detoxification

Helps Protect the Skin