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Colon Therapy NYC | Established 2008

The truth about colonic hydrotherapy. Is it helpful or harmful?

With our gravity-centered colonics the results are dramatic, but the process is not traumatic. Gravity-centered colonics allow for the simultaneous intake and exit of water throughout the treatment. This prevents water retention and discomfort, especially for those with weak intestinal tracts. The simultaneous exit of water guarantees an effective, calm, and healing experience. Most people’s reluctance to colonic comes from the fear of large quantities of water entering the body.

Gravity-centered colonics (based on the Woods Gravity Method) create a release that is always twice as strong as the intake. Pay attention to your body during the process and you’ll realize you’re much more aware of what’s leaving than what’s entering. Our therapists are “present” throughout the entire process, utilizing abdominal and energy-transfer type massage during the treatment. The importance of a transitional diet to cleanse the body properly is strongly emphasized. Generally, treatments last from 45 minutes to one hour. Please call to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.