Colon Therapy NYC

Colon Therapy NYC | Established 2008


Let’s face it: We’ve all eaten and continue to eat foods that…well, just aren’t food at all. Let it go! When your body shows symptoms of illness such as low energy, acne, insomnia, headaches, constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, joint pain, depression, weight gain, hemorrhoids, etc. you’ve got undigested matter trapped in your intestines and permeating into your bloodstream. AKA it’s time to eat better and purge your old mistakes (and occasionally new ones … you’re only human!). It’s not easy, but let your fears go and leave it to a professional. Let the years of trapped waste matter go … also to professional Colon Hydrotherapists. 

At Colon Therapy NYC, our certified Colon Hydrotherapists take you through the process seamlessly, with ease, and are fully supportive and present. Our therapists are also Certified Nutritionists and are happy to guide you with your diet to ensure you can maintain the results of your colon therapy sessions. Our specialty offers include coffee enema + chlorophyll as well as cbd-infused colonics.


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Over the last 15 years, Cassie has been practicing as a licensed colon hydrotherapist in New York City. She was trained and is a strong believer in utilizing the wood’s gravity colonic method because it is gentle and extremely effective.

Using a deep level of intuition and skill, a unique connection to people, and emitting loads of knowledge about the gut, nutrition, and overall well-being, clients walk away with excitement and guidance to a better future. Armed with a B.A in Mathematics, Cassie Karopkin was on the fast track towards a career as an actuary, until an epiphanic experience occurred- she stumbled upon an obscure book about diet and wellness at a neighbor’s garage sale. She became deeply interested in health and nutrition and began to investigate the subject further.

Deciding to refocus her studies and profession, Cassie made a drastic career reinvention towards nutritional healing and gastronomy. Cassie is a graduate of SUNY Albany, Wood’s Hygienic Institute (for colonic irrigation), the renowned Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, and has earned a degree in nutrition as well as a degree in plant-based medicine from Cornell University.