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The colon, or large intestine, comprises the last 5-5 ½ feet of the digestive tract. Although some nutrients and water are absorbed through the colon wall, its primary function is the removal of digestive and cellular wastes from the body. The bowel transit time, from the moment a person eats until the waste matter is excreted from the colon, can be anywhere from 12-28 hours in a healthy person, depending on water intake and the type of foods consumed.

 A small instrument is inserted into the rectum, after which water is released into the colon, carrying waste matter and gas out of the body via a tube that leads directly to the sewage system. There is no odor or mess and you will be completely covered for the entirety of the session. During the session, the therapist will massage your abdomen to loosen up impacted waste matter and facilitate the release of excess water and gas. A client is typically on the colonic table for approximately 35-45 minutes and there is an opportunity to use the restroom before and after the treatment as well. We are always conscious of the sensitive nature of a colonic and will help to make you feel comfortable.

In an enema, the water reaches the rectum and lower part of the colon.  In a colonic, because of the constant water flow in and out of the body, with a much greater quantity of water (between 10 and 50 litres) is flushed through the colon. This allows water to completely permeate the folds of the colon and to saturate the impacted waste throughout the entire length of the colon (about 6 feet deep).

 Avoid coming in with a full stomach or bladder as we will be massaging your abdomen. If you have a few days before your colonic treatment, for best results eat as clean and plant-based as possible and stay well hydrated.

The colon is designed to naturally remove digestive and cellular waste from the body. Unfortunately. the modern diet, dehydration, sedentary lifestyles, and stress, have contributed to an epidemic of digestive disorders including constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, diverticulitis, colitis, Crohn’s disease, spastic colon, and IBS, to name a few. It is not uncommon to hear 1-2x per week. The buildup of waste matter in the colon can lead to auto-intoxication and overgrowth of yeast, prevent proper absorption of nutrients through the intestinal wall, and hinder the muscular movement of the colon, causing chronic constipation. A colonic can help to loosen up and remove impacted waste matter from the colon, as well as improve and even restore the healthy muscular action of the colon.
You don’t have to be suffering from digestive disorders to benefit from a colonic. Even clients with no reported digestive complaints are amazed at what has been removed from their colon, such as mucus, worms, and undigested food. Clients report benefits such as better sleep, clearer skin, less gas and bloating, and more regular bowel movements following their treatments.

 We use a Gravity system where the pressure of water is extremely low and therefore bowel perforation is virtually impossible. Additionally, the gentle nature of the colonic ensures that it cannot “wash out” beneficial bacteria along with the non-beneficial bacteria. This is a myth and misunderstanding of how a colonic works. Colon hydrotherapy only uses purified water to hydrate, dissolve, and transport solid waste and gas out of the body. It does not disrupt the mucosal membrane where the majority of beneficial bacteria colonize. Just as we don’t completely eliminate bacteria from the mouth by drinking water, we don’t eliminate it from the colon with colonics. In fact, by reversing addressing a stagnant colon with accumulated waste and gas, we can create a clean environment that allows beneficial bacteria to thrive. Taking probiotic supplements after a colonic is a great idea, but not because something was lost ad must be replenished. After cleansing, your body will have a cleaner environment that the good probiotics can flourish in.

 Laxatives, including herbal laxatives, usually work by irritating the colon to get it to contract. Long-term use and abuse of laxatives can lead to dependency and intestinal disorders. Enemas will assist the body in emptying only the last 5-10 inches of the colon, whereas a colonic will flush out the entire length of the colon. Nothing is quite as immediate or complete for cleaning out and toning the colon as a colonic.

A colonic can sometimes feel a bit like diarrhea as the colon muscles contract to expel the loosened waste matter. Sometimes you may feel pressure, gas, and urgency to release, but these are quickly alleviated as the water and waste are released. The gravity method is reported as being more gentle on your colon as there is less pressure than other colonic methods.
There can be moments of discomfort during a colonic, but they come and go. Our therapist is there to ensure that you feel at ease with the process, which often alleviates most nerves. Many people actually enjoy the colonic procedure and feel lighter and more comfortable as the session progresses.

 The number and frequency of colonics a person should get will depend on you and your health goals. During your initial session, your therapist will have a good chance to understand your story and your body and will be able to better help guide you to answer this question.

 Our clients typically come before work, on their lunch break, or before the gym. Generally, most people feel great after their session and go on with their day normally. On a rare occasion, usually, if the client is someone who is struggling a lot digestively, they may feel wiped out after and want to go home.

The entire process typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the person.

We recommend that you eat light (juices, smoothies, salad) the day before and of the colonic for the best results. Try to avoid red meat, diary and other heavy foods before a session

No it does not. Occasionally people experience discomfort due to gas pressure, but that will pass as the pressure is released.

There is no recovery time needed. A lot of people come on their lunch breaks, or after work and go about their day as normal after the session.

No, in fact good bacteria will proliferate in a healthy environment. Colonics clean out the waste and toxins that have been making it hard for the good intestinal flora to thrive.