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Over the last 15 years, Cassie has been practicing as a licensed colon hydrotherapist in New York City.

She was trained and is a strong believer in utilizing the Wood’s gravity colonic method because it is gentle and extremely effective.

Using a deep level of intuition and skill, a unique connection to people, and emitting loads of knowledge about the gut, nutrition, and overall well-being, clients walk away with excitement and guidance to a better future.

Armed with a B.A in Mathematics, Cassie Karopkin was on the fast track towards a career as an actuary, until an epiphanic experience occurred- she stumbled upon an obscure book about diet and wellness at a neighbor’s garage sale. She became deeply interested in health and nutrition and began to investigate the subject further.

Deciding to refocus her studies and profession, Cassie made a drastic career reinvention towards nutritional healing and gastronomy.

Cassie is a graduate of SUNY Albany, Wood’s Hygienic Institute (for colonic irrigation), the renowned Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, and has earned a degree in nutrition as well as a degree in plant-based medicine from Cornell University.

Cassie can be found at and @havearegularday

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